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Jim Harold interviews experts on all things ghostly in this PLUS ONLY podcast! For Jim's other PLUS shows, go to


Feb 28, 2020

Imagine being run out of your home by evil entities...Keith Linder doesn't have to wonder...he lived it. We talk with Keith about his experiences and his new book which you can find at Amazon:

Poltergeist of Washington State, Part 2

Thanks Keith!

Feb 21, 2020

Amanda Woomer joins us to talk about the many haunts in Western New York State.

You can find her book on the subject at Amazon: A Haunted Atlas of Western New York: A Spooky Guide to the Strange and Unusual

Thanks Amanda!

Feb 10, 2020

David Ditchfield was pulled under a moving train and narrowly avoided death. However, he experienced a near death experience that changed his life forever and for the better. He talks to us about what he saw at the brink and his life since.

You can find his book on the subject, now available for pre-order, at Amazon: